Rizal Fauzie Ridwan

Freelance Web Worker

also known as fauzie or fauzievolute

I'm a smart worker, fast learner, and always try something new. A graphic & web designer, like to help people for designing and developing their website, blog and some web application.
Was born and lived in Bandung, West Java, ID. The husband of beloved wife ♥ Arsela Lestari since 10th April 2016.

25 Years Old
100% Moslem
My backyard

My backyard- 2013

Relaxing at Restaurant

Relaxing at Restaurant- 2015

Sisha at Cafe

Sisha at Cafe- 2015

Eid Al-Fitr

Eid Al-Fitr- 2015

Eid Al-Fitr with My Wife

Eid Al-Fitr with My Wife- 2016

With my Wife

With my Wife- 2016

Great Mosque Bandung

Great Mosque Bandung- 2015

Farm House Lembang

Farm House Lembang- 2016

Lembang Garden

Lembang Garden- 2016

Lembang Garden

Lembang Garden- 2016

My Skills

illustration skill mastery in a presentation

client-side development languages
Node JS
server-side development languages
Bash/Perl Script
Linux Server

Work Experiences

timeline for formal work experience

Tech & Web DeveloperPT. Lintaswave Network Solution, Jakarta

Working as a Customer Service and developing the company website.

Sep 2009

Web DeveloperPT. Indonesia Digital Media, Jakarta

Working as a web developer for internal company websites and client hosting in magnet-id.com.

Feb 2011

Back-End Web DeveloperWebgopek, Jakarta

Convert HTML/PSD into template-based CMS or a static website.

Jun 2011

System AdministratorPT. Indotrans Data, Jakarta

Supervising and maintenance of web server, VPS and cPanel at data center.

Oct 2013

Web DeveloperJava Retro Hotel, Bandung

Creating and developing web application and management system for hotel.

Aug 2014

System AdministratorPT. Vox Teneo Indonesia, Bandung

Monitoring and troubleshooting system infrastructure servers.

Jan 2015

Back-End Web DeveloperCV. Puri Cipta, Bandung

Convert HTML or PSD to WordPress premium theme for theme marketplace.

Oct 2016

Magento Back-End DeveloperPT. Kemana Solution, Bandung

Creating or extending magento module, develop theme functionality.


Latest Projects

my recent works and projects on my desk

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • OpenCart
  • PHP Codeigniter
  • HTML Template
Pemudi Persis
Web Development

Pemudi Persis2015

Pilot Headsets
Web Development

Pilot Headsets2014

Pemikiran Islam
Web Design

Pemikiran Islam2014

Plantronics Aviation
Web Development

Plantronics Aviation2014

New Batik Pohon
Web Design

New Batik Pohon2014

Pelatihan Batik Warna Alami
Web Development

Pelatihan Batik Warna Alami2014

PT. Persada Inti Data
Web Development

PT. Persada Inti Data2013

PT. Java Digital Indonesia
Web Development

PT. Java Digital Indonesia2013

PT. Indotrans Data
Web Development

PT. Indotrans Data2013

Alien Sick Band
Web Development

Alien Sick Band2012

Makalula Clothing
Web Development

Makalula Clothing2012

Panecook Resto
Web Development

Panecook Resto2011

Tike Priyatna Kusuma
Front-End Dev

Tike Priyatna Kusuma2011

PT. Mitra Selaras Sejati
Front-End Dev

PT. Mitra Selaras Sejati2011

Pemikiran Islam
Web Development

Pemikiran Islam2010

LIA Conferences
Web Development

LIA Conferences2010

Batik Pohon
Web Development

Batik Pohon2010

PT. Cipta Selaras
Web Development

PT. Cipta Selaras2010

CV. Permata Kaisar
Web Development

CV. Permata Kaisar2010

PT. Poliyama Belle Prima
Web Development

PT. Poliyama Belle Prima2009

PT. Listaswave Network Solution
Web Development

PT. Listaswave Network Solution2009


some service I can do for you

Web Hosting
data storage for your website content managed by popular panels.
Domain Registration
domain name for your website address like .com tld and many others.
Managed Server
managing of virtual or dedicated server for data storage, and website.
Web Design
create html or photoshop mockup design for your site.
Web Development
create a site with many features, you can manage by using CMS.
Theme Development
create a custom theme for CMS like WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart.
Web Consultant
analyzing and selecting technology and software for your site.
improving or adding new features for existing websites.
Bug Fixes
fixing error or repairing your website in design aspect or code.

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